Friday, October 24, 2008

Gettin' Crafty!

I love seasons! I love all seasons...actually! But the fall or autumn season seems to get my crafty veins-a-pumpin'...that and having kiddos!

Aidan told his first joke the other day. He said, "Mommy, they call it FALL because the leaves FALL off the trees! HAA HAA!" Well, in a 3-year-old way, it was VERY funny!

With that in mind, we made a picture of a tree with leaves falling off of it. I gave him brown construction paper and had him rip strips and asked him to put them on the glue lines that I secretly put down in the shape of the tree. He was amazed at himself that he made a tree! Next, I brought out red, yellow, green and orange stamp pads and had him dab his finger on the pads and touch the paper to make leaves. He had a ball! First, it started with one finger, then two, fingers, then three fingers, and the next thing you know all 10 fingers are in the ink and making trees! AHHH!

Then, with the pumpkin holiday just around the corner, we decided to take the same idea with fingerprints and make a pumpkin! It turned out SOOOO cute!

Because my Fall decorations are few-and-far-between, I decided to head over the the local Good Will and find some cheap picture frames ($0.50 to $1.00 each), and frame them to be forever memorialized! They will now and forever will be a part of my Fall decorations!

Man! I'm feelin' crafty! Any ideas out there from you "crafty-type", of things to do with kiddos this season? I'm up for it!


Angie Lynn said...

You don't need my ideas! You need to come over here and help me have some fun. You're makin' me look bad! I'm BORING! ;)

MAMA CEO said...

Remember Angie...I have 1 you have 4! You're a great mom!

Lisa said...

I love these ideas! Thank you! :)