Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wisdom Meets Passion - Book Review

Author Dan Miller writes a clever and practical book as well as encouraging. The audience for the book is wide-ranged and can reach all types of demographics. I'm not a huge reader of self-help books, but this one caught my attention. The obvious wasn't overly stated, but it pointed out success, redefining security and freedom and focusing on happiness. However, not preachy or judgement, it was very authentic. This book is a good read, but it was difficult sometimes to read the words in orange text. I was given this book to review by Thomas Nelson Publishing for my honest review.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tha Fantasy Fallacy: Book Review

This book is beyond what I expected; Shannon took the emphasis completely off of judging fantasies to exploring their meanings. It's like opening a toolbox and finding what one has needed all along without knowing it! In the book, The Fantasy Fallacy, Shannon Ethridge analyzes sexual fantasies and the reasons behind them. Chapters in the book include; Why Discuss Sexual Fantasies?, The Faces Behind Sexual Fantasies, Our Fascination With Pleasure, Pain and Power and Putting Fantasy in Its Place. The book also includes recommended resources and help for recovery. Before reading Shannon's book I had never thought about where fantasies come from or why we have them. I just thought of them as something to battle against and didn't understand why the battle never ended. It's more about how to live with them by learning more about yourself which will hopefully help the fantasies to happen less often. I love that the author is not judgmental. She takes a look at many fantasies and brings them into the light. The fantasies themselves are not evil; and when exposed to the light, darkness has no hold on them or people who have them. Shannon's research indicates that the fantasies we entertain are not always rooted in the sexual acts themselves and we don't have to act on them. We can control our fantasies instead of allowing our fantasies to control us. Disclaimer: I received a free book in order to write this review and have shared my honest opinion.