Saturday, February 14, 2009


For reasons unknown...we own a gorilla costume. Don't ask me why, but it is in our repetoire of costumes!

So last Sunday I brought it to church to drive home a point for the kids. When we took it out of the trunk, we realized that it doesn't have such a "friendly" face and that we should keep it hidden from Aidan until he's older. He's already having enough dreams of being scared...I don't want to add this to the dinosaurs and the like to his list of frights.

After church we put it in our room to hide until he was taking a nap to put it away. BUT! He found it...and LOVED it! Here are some pictures!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perfection...My Enemy...

Okay, so I started this new job. It's nothing new. I've done this type of work before. But why am I wigged? Perfection seems to be my downfall. I'm not perfect. I know that. But why do I try to do things perfectly? After all...I'm a mom! I'm luck if I wear stuff that matches...or get out of the house with everything I need, although, it may not be pretty...I'm out and I've got everything necessary...right?

It's like I'm sitting on the cusp of something awesome, but I am freaking out because I feel that I'm not ready. Not ready for WHAT? That's my problem...I don't know. This new job is going to be great! I can't wait to see what God is going to do! I get to be apart of it, but inside, deep down, I'm wising He would call someone else up. The battle on the frontline is difficult. The gospel is being attacked. The church needs to become excited about seeing people, kids even come to a saving relationship with Christ! But the task seems daunting...because I am doing it on my own...OYE VEY! How do I step back and let Him take the reins and I just follow?

Anyways...I have found the greatest song by, Francesca Battistelli...mouthful eh? Awesome, just awesome. It pinpoints my faults but exalts the fact that not being perfect is just what the King ordered.

Take a listen!

Monday, February 2, 2009

3 Hours?? What will I do with myself??...w/video

Okay, so part of the "contract" with Aidan to get him potty trained was for him to go to preschool. That day came today! He was too excited and I, well I was a mess! I originally had a meeting planned, but that fell through due to the recent crud going around. I had it all figured out! For 3 hours I would have my mind concentrating on something else other than him! His first day at school! I could handle it! Right!? When the meeting was cancelled, I was stuck with the thought of being by myself for 3 hours! I know, many of you are wondering what is the big deal! I would LOVE to have some time to myself, let alone 3 hours! Mind baby went to PRESCHOOL today...I must not think about him! On our way to school, he was sitting in his new booster chair, looking very grown up, looking out the window daydreaming, I'm sure, of all the wonderful things he is about to embark on. A huge smile was plastered across his face! He was too cute! Nevermind the emotional wreck who was sitting in the driver's seat! AHHHH! After droping him off, I was able to do some errands by myself and actually got to read a book at Barnes & Nobel while sipping on some was a good morning.

Now, he's passed out sleeping...going on his 3rd hour...whew! Preschool wore him out! HEY! HOW COME I DIDN'T DO THIS MONTHS AGO???????