Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Needs Pockets!?

A friend sent this to me via email, but I had to share it with my fellow bloggers because it is too funny! A little girl gets creative in bringing frogs she found, home. I laugh at this only because I had an episode like this not too long ago with Aidan, but his fellow friends were of the worm-like-kind, this summer! So, WHO NEEDS POCKETS?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How about a Turkey Leg?

Just recently, Aidan's friends came over for a visit and because the three boys are nothing but HYPER together, we decided to do a Thanksgiving craft that would be edible...and of course loaded with sugar...WHAT WERE WE THINKING? It was a lot of fun! We made rice krispie treats and helped them to shape it into a turkey drumstick. Then they smeared more marshmallow cream on the top and then coated it with Cocoa Puffs Rice Krispies...they turned out so cute! Take a look!

Then, they came over again and of course, why not hype them all up on sugar again? So we made Turkey cupcakes! With candy corn as the feathers, legs and beak...too cute for words!

And who says men can't cook...err...bake? We had a ton of fun! So, what things do you do with your kiddos around the "GOBBLE, GOBBLE! Holiday?"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Be Happy!

Okay, so I know that it has been way too long since I posted on this here blog, but believe me, it has been too crazy to even mention! First, we moved! And for those of you who know us...that is one time too many! But that is besides the point.

So, moving into a new place we need, of course, FOOD! Aidan went with me to gather up all the stuff that is desperately needed to make a house a home...CHOCOLATE! Okay, kidding, Serious...but kidding. You know, I as I type this, I realize that the last post I wrote about was at the store...Hmmm....maybe Aidan should stay home...but I digress.

ANYWAYS! Aidan had to bring his Little Einstein's Leo Conductor Wand. This, is by a long shot, the most annoying toy that anyone could ever get a child...THANKS AUNT CAT AND UNCLE CHUCK!!!!!!! It talks, saying things like, "Conduct with me!" "Music by George Bizet!" and "Take a bow!" All the while playing music and being all around obnoxious. But hey! It kept him occupied and I didn't have to continually take out items that he continually added to my cart.

It was about the 9th aisle when I leaned over and whispered into Aidan's ear saying, "You know, that toy is a fantastic toy and it plays music to my ears, but some people may not appreciate our taste in music! How about we turn it off and we'll listen to it some more in the car." Well, I was about to get the lecture of my life! Aidan turned and looked at me with the most seriousness of voice and said, "Mommy, I just want to make people happy!" Ha! Happy! I'm sure people leave the aisles when they see me turn the corner! This toy was soooooooo annoying, but maybe it was because I had been listening to it non-stop for that last 45 days!

Just in front of us was an older lady who struggled to turn around, but when she did, she looked at Aidan with the most loving eyes and said, "Little man, you have made me happy, you just keep singing and playing that most melodious music!" To my surpirse, Aidan turned to me and said, "See mommy, I just want to make people happy and I just did!"

Wow...guess I just ate my shoe for lunch!

So, do you just want to make people happy!?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Giveaway From a Mrs!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
Thoughts from the Mrs is having an ultimate giveaway! She is offereing a 12 day giveaway! That means getting free stuff and winning even more.

Here is the link! You can also get there from my Easy Button on the side! Good luck!

Take Me To My Christmas Giveaways!

"Price Check on Aidans, Bob...Price Check on Aidans..."

This week, in trying to get myself together before we moved into a new place this weekend, I was at Walmart getting all the "Let's move into a new home"-stuff. Of course, Aidan is being Aidan, but I have to admit, he was pretty good. He helped me with coupons and discarding those which didn't work...yada...

Anyways! When I got to the check out lines they were full! I distinctly remember seeing the commercial that Walmart put out that they will be opening more lines for their customers come this Christmas season...yeah right! There were hardly any checkout lines open and they definitely were not playing the holiday jingle on their lights that they so artistically display on their commerical, but that is besides the point.

When I decided that I had no more than 20 items in my basket, I respectfully decided to enter into the Self-Checkout line. What a mistake! When Aidan realized that the register made a "beep" each time I scanned something, he wanted to make things scan too! So he proceeded to empty the contents of my cart onto the conveyor belt. When the cart was empty, he too wanted to "beep" the items. I'm pretty sure that I was charge twice for something...but who knows. When that was all done, I tried to put in my coupons, which, mental note, if you have coupons, DO NOT go through the self-checkout line at Walmart...they do not like coupon clippers...AHHH!!! People were now lining up behind me, of course, not a lot of lines open...! As I tried to talk to the clerk to help me, I notice out of the corner of my eye, two tiny tennis shoes that I distinctly remember being on my son's feet! What? Aidan had climbed out of the cart during my frenzy attack on the coupons and proceeded to ride the conveyor belt backwards on his hands and knees! AHHHHH!!!!! The lady behind me was laughing and the clerk giggled wondering what isle I picked him up in! Needless to say, he wanted to "beep" too!

In all my flusterdness, I had to laugh too because he was just being curious! He saw things ride this thing and he wanted to too! Oh my goodness gracious!

So now, when we go to the store, we have to go through the whole schpeal! Aidan, when you and mommy go to the store, you need to stay with mommy, hold the cart, a donut after we are done and only if you're a good boy, and NO RIDING ON THE CHECKOUT LINE'S RIDE!"

Oye Vey!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I found a use for a treadmill!

I knew there was a use for treadmills other than what they were made for...ugh!

With the weather changing outside, it makes it harder and harder to get out to get some energy out of Aidan! But with the use of a treadmill, I have found the ultimate way to get his wiggles out without having to bundle him up and myself included! Check it out!

Check out the video!

I know you mommys out there have a great head on your shoulders...what do you do with energetic kiddos on cold days to get out their wiggles?

Whoo Hoo! I've Won An Award!

Yeah! I'm so excited that I won an award! I would like to thank my managers, my publicity team, my producers....ahhh who am I kidding! This is just cheap therapy for me! Thank you Janet of The Jumbled Thoughts of Janet for this honor! I will surely pass on this great award!

Here are rules:

1) List 5 things you love
2) Pass on the Award to 5 fellow bloggers
3) Please link back to my blog

Here are the 5 things that I love:
1) My God
2) My family
3) My quiet time in the mornings
4) A hot cup of coffee
5) My fantasy of a vacation

Check out these 5 blogs!

1) Jen of Cheaper Than Therapy...Musings of a Mom of 3
2) Angie of Moseley Musings
3) Maggie of Life With Boys
4) Helene of I'm Living Proof That God Has A Sense of Humor
5) Amy of Thoughts From The Mrs.

Check out these blogs! They are great! Thanks again Janet!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ghoulish Halloween...Kid Style...

As I said before, bombardment is about to commence!

Over the Halloween weekend, we were staying at my SIL's house. We had such a great time! We carved Jesus pumpkins, had a "ghoulish" dinner complete with spiders, spooky worm jello, mummies (hotdogs and crescent rolls), which fingers (carrots with dip on the ends to look like fingernails) and oh so much more! She did a great Smile Box of the event, so I thought I would take the easy road and just post it instead of making my own...Thanks Sarah!

Halloween Smile Box

Welcome Home Daddy!

For the past two weeks, Ted has been out-of-town for business. During that time, we visited my precious sister-in-law and her two wonderful girls for a couple of days. Her husband has also been gone on business, but much, much longer than mine! He comes home on Friday! YEAH!

Anyways, I thought I would do something special for Ted when he came home, but I didn't know what. I really don't have a lot of cash on hand to dole out, so I went to the Good Will and found an old sheet. Perfect! And, it was 50% off! Even better!

Aidan and I went back home and found some paint. Of course, they are all Halloween colors since I just bought we used them anyway. This is what we did...

After painting it, we taped it to the bottom of the garage door and closed it. Then when Ted opened the door, it would slowly raise up for him to read it and surprise him. Here is the video of it.

It was a good surprise and I think Theo liked it too. Which got me thinking, do you have any ideas on how you surprise your hubby with things like this? It could be romantic or just something you do with the kiddos!?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Music To My Ears

Okay, so I am finally back online! Only after a couple hundred dollars later and a new computer...but enough whining! I have at least a week's worth of stuff to type about, so I apologize for those of you who follow this blog in advance about the bombardment that you are about to endure, so please bear with me! Okay...NUMERO UNO! I love to sing, however, those who know me would probably say not so much that they like to hear me sing. But the Lord has blessed me with a songster in Aidan. Those on the songlists are, Twinkle, Twinkle and Happy Birthday! Don't ask me why! But he loves to sing these! For your listening pleasure!

And this one...

Any of you have any songsters out there?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cookies Anyone?

Computers...Emergency Rooms...Ugh...

Well, it has been awhile since I have poured out my feelings...only because my computer is on the fritz! I'm at the library now using the computer because mine has been in the shop for almost a week! And they still don't know what is wrong with it! I have so many pictures to put up, storied to tell and share that I can't stand it!

We went to visit my sister-in-law and her little girls over the Halloween weekend while our hubbys were away for work. It was awesome! We had so much fun and had girl-talk time after the kiddos were in bed with a nice glass(es) of wine to round off the days! I'll have to share some stories later.

But the highlight of our trip to Grand Junction was the Emergency Room. On Saturday, the 5 of us took a hike to energize ourselves after Halloween the night before. Aidan, of course, was his usual self by running down the mountain trails with rocks jutting out all over the place! I was just sure that he would trip and fall and crack his head open. NOPE! He was just fine, it was his momma who's blood pressue was up! LOL! I need to chill out...that's another story, I'm sure!

Anyways, we went home to have lunch. While we were making lunch the kiddos were outside playing on the playground and trampoline...just like usual. When one of the girls came inside with Aidan trailing, totally hysterical. He had fallen off of the trampoline or playground and did the pinball effect between the two. He busted his lip open, bit his cheek, bruised and scraped his chin, bruised one side of his head and got a small head wound on one side of his head. At first we were just going to stop the bleeding, only after we told him he couldn't go back outside to play...which he was hysterical about that! When I picked him up he layed his head on my shoulder and began to get really sleepy. Granted his nap time was about this time, but with a head wound, I feared a concusion. We rushed to the Emergency Room and they did a look over, and he was fine. They put Durabond on the wound and helped clean him up a bit. Giving him a couple rolls of SMARTIES helped too to keep him distracted. WHEW! Thank heaven for Halloween candy, eh?

Anyways, we are home now and he is fine...just as onery as ever, but it was a great weekend, one filled with memories and experiences!

Now, if I can just get my computer back, we'll be back to there a normal?