Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whoo Hoo! I've Won An Award!

Yeah! I'm so excited that I won an award! I would like to thank my managers, my publicity team, my producers....ahhh who am I kidding! This is just cheap therapy for me! Thank you Janet of The Jumbled Thoughts of Janet for this honor! I will surely pass on this great award!

Here are rules:

1) List 5 things you love
2) Pass on the Award to 5 fellow bloggers
3) Please link back to my blog

Here are the 5 things that I love:
1) My God
2) My family
3) My quiet time in the mornings
4) A hot cup of coffee
5) My fantasy of a vacation

Check out these 5 blogs!

1) Jen of Cheaper Than Therapy...Musings of a Mom of 3
2) Angie of Moseley Musings
3) Maggie of Life With Boys
4) Helene of I'm Living Proof That God Has A Sense of Humor
5) Amy of Thoughts From The Mrs.

Check out these blogs! They are great! Thanks again Janet!


everyday mom said...


Maggie said...

Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me!!! =)

The Mom said...

Congratulations to you and you are very sweet to share the love with me, I am truly grateful! ;)