Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How about a Turkey Leg?

Just recently, Aidan's friends came over for a visit and because the three boys are nothing but HYPER together, we decided to do a Thanksgiving craft that would be edible...and of course loaded with sugar...WHAT WERE WE THINKING? It was a lot of fun! We made rice krispie treats and helped them to shape it into a turkey drumstick. Then they smeared more marshmallow cream on the top and then coated it with Cocoa Puffs Rice Krispies...they turned out so cute! Take a look!

Then, they came over again and of course, why not hype them all up on sugar again? So we made Turkey cupcakes! With candy corn as the feathers, legs and beak...too cute for words!

And who says men can't cook...err...bake? We had a ton of fun! So, what things do you do with your kiddos around the "GOBBLE, GOBBLE! Holiday?"


Jesica said...

How cute are they! The boys look like they had a ton of fun! Thanks for stopping by and suggesting this to me :)

everyday mom said...

THey are so cute, good job!!