Monday, November 24, 2008

Be Happy!

Okay, so I know that it has been way too long since I posted on this here blog, but believe me, it has been too crazy to even mention! First, we moved! And for those of you who know us...that is one time too many! But that is besides the point.

So, moving into a new place we need, of course, FOOD! Aidan went with me to gather up all the stuff that is desperately needed to make a house a home...CHOCOLATE! Okay, kidding, Serious...but kidding. You know, I as I type this, I realize that the last post I wrote about was at the store...Hmmm....maybe Aidan should stay home...but I digress.

ANYWAYS! Aidan had to bring his Little Einstein's Leo Conductor Wand. This, is by a long shot, the most annoying toy that anyone could ever get a child...THANKS AUNT CAT AND UNCLE CHUCK!!!!!!! It talks, saying things like, "Conduct with me!" "Music by George Bizet!" and "Take a bow!" All the while playing music and being all around obnoxious. But hey! It kept him occupied and I didn't have to continually take out items that he continually added to my cart.

It was about the 9th aisle when I leaned over and whispered into Aidan's ear saying, "You know, that toy is a fantastic toy and it plays music to my ears, but some people may not appreciate our taste in music! How about we turn it off and we'll listen to it some more in the car." Well, I was about to get the lecture of my life! Aidan turned and looked at me with the most seriousness of voice and said, "Mommy, I just want to make people happy!" Ha! Happy! I'm sure people leave the aisles when they see me turn the corner! This toy was soooooooo annoying, but maybe it was because I had been listening to it non-stop for that last 45 days!

Just in front of us was an older lady who struggled to turn around, but when she did, she looked at Aidan with the most loving eyes and said, "Little man, you have made me happy, you just keep singing and playing that most melodious music!" To my surpirse, Aidan turned to me and said, "See mommy, I just want to make people happy and I just did!"

Wow...guess I just ate my shoe for lunch!

So, do you just want to make people happy!?

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Janet said...

Gotta love the wisdom of babes!