Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Way I See It...

Potty training is a monster in all of itself. Aidan, who is so stubborn and wants to do it his way ALL OF THE TIME...(eh-hem...,wonder where he gets that from...) will probably be in diapers until he is 20! I have brought out all the tricks from my bag and still...nothing! He's gone a few times at church, and once at home for me...but then quickly put his pull-up on, ran out to the tree in the yard and stood perfectly still for at least 3 minutes...without a doubt relieving himself in the comfort of his own mess in his britches...grrrr.

Potty training in front of the T.V. or on the "big boy potty", it won't make any difference if this little boy does not want to go. So, I said to myself..."SELF! Just put big boy pants in a special place. Tell Aidan that when he is ready to wear big boy pants and go do his business in the big boy potty, this is where they will be for him to put them on. SO SELF! MOVE ON!"

So, this little pretty self has moved on from potty training...AHHHHHHH...Oh what a relief it is!!!!

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