Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eccentric or Extrordinary?

Okay! Second day in a row to my new way of living! It wasn't as hard to get up this morning! But it helped that this neighborhood is the loudest neighborhood at 5:00 in the morning! At 4:45 the diesel truck next door started up and "warmed up" for 30 minutes, the neighbor across the street's sprinklers came on...VERY LOUD!!!!!! The newspaper boy had his car radio turned up super loud...it was okay because it was Casting Crowns playing...Then, of all things...a raccoon was strutting his stuff across the roof just below our window...OYE VEY! So needless to say, by 5:07...I know an odd time to set an alarm...but hey I am an odd duck myself...it wasn't hard to get up. However, note to self...close window before going to bed at night to cut down on the morning traffic...plus it was FREEZING out from under the covers!

Today was an awesome time spending with God! Today I realized that I desire to have an Extraordinary Spirit. One that stands out in the crowd as a sore thumb! It is the day in age where people who are Christians are often times looked at as eccentric, not extraordinary. I want to be extraordinary! Not just for Aidan and Ted, but for those around me! I guess that is why it is hard to continue living on one income, no credit cards, little debt other than car and student loans...don't get me started on those...and raising our kid!

Well, off the soapbox...I just wanted to share with those who are stay at home mommies to continue doing what you're doing and for those who have to work...continue what you're doing because your extraordinary spirit my be affecting the lives of those you work with!

Have a great day! Whoo Hoo! It's Tuesday! I know...eccentric~

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Anonymous said...

I love that I can check on you everyday!! I missed you girl!!! You just enjoy being a stay-at-home mommy - it's a PRECIOUS gift!!!