Saturday, February 14, 2009


For reasons unknown...we own a gorilla costume. Don't ask me why, but it is in our repetoire of costumes!

So last Sunday I brought it to church to drive home a point for the kids. When we took it out of the trunk, we realized that it doesn't have such a "friendly" face and that we should keep it hidden from Aidan until he's older. He's already having enough dreams of being scared...I don't want to add this to the dinosaurs and the like to his list of frights.

After church we put it in our room to hide until he was taking a nap to put it away. BUT! He found it...and LOVED it! Here are some pictures!


Helene said...

That is definitely one scary gorilla costume!! How funny that he loved it!! Cute pics!

Janet said...

TOO CUTE! Their minds are a wonder aren't they. I never can figure out if Hunter will be scared by something or not.

rightonmom said...

Priceless photos. Glad he wasn't scared!

Nancy said...

LOL! that's so funny! He looks cute... heehehehe and kinda scary. :P