Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bible Stories That End in a Hug - Book Review

Bible Stories that end with a Hug has 75 bible stories for preschoolers. The bible stories presented follow the same order as the bible and are very short and easy to understand for little ones. Accompanying every bible story are two questions that correlate with the story to help children discuss and understand the bible story. Discussion points are provided with each question to help parents guide meaningful discussion with their child as they learn God's word. There is also a related scripture that helps expand the meaning of every story in the book. Every bible story ends with a hug time for parent and child! This book is very short and to the point, and it is especially helpful with two active boys! We read it each morning as a family during breakfast, and both boys look forward to Daddy reading the Bible Story. My 7-year-old has even stepped up a time or two to read it as well. I highly recommend this book! Provided by Tyndale Publishers for review